These are a few of our favorite things

December 16, 2021

In the countdown to Christmas we picked out some of our favorite offerings from our legendary food concepts (and our epic bar). As you can well imagine, there was a lot of debate around this… how on earth do you select just one dish off a menu where EVERY meal is prepared with equal love, thought and artistry? Every concept is a crowd pleaser!

Shawarma Shack’s festive favorite

Sharing is not only caring, it’s also an instant recipe for a coming-together of friends and family. To laugh, joke and share memories over a Mezze Platter is what getting festive is all about. So, get your special people together and munch, crunch and chat over this legendary platter with hummus, baba ghanoush and falafel with loads of pita, labneh harissa, tahini and harissa sauce.

Taco Sabe’s festive favorite

Tacos are so festive they should be wrapped up and placed beneath the Christmas tree. They’re the best gift ever! Taco Sabe have perfected this firm favorite with a menu that leaves you spoilt for choice! However, the festive pick is the Pescado Taco with crispy cod, creamy slaw, saon crema, pickled onion and dill. Pure Mexican magic!

Cleaver and Co’s festive favorite

Cleaver and Co never chicken out when decadent festivities come calling. Their Hot Chicken Sandwich is so good that it feels like a party on a plate…coleslaw, cilantro crema and pickles… Say no more! Grab some buddies and a bite and before heading to an evening at the Junction Bar for even more end-of-year celebration.

Ebisu Ramen and Sushi’s festive favorite

Get the good times rolling with a Chashu and Shrimp Spring Roll from the legendary Chef Soon Choi. As the year winds down and the party vibes take over, you deserve to celebrate! This is a festive feast that will have you drumming on the table with your makeshift drumsticks (some call them chopsticks!) with carefree holiday irreverence.

Sojourners Gelato Café festive favorite

Sweet delights to turn any day into a party, and for this, Sojourners takes the slam dunk! A sugar rush is a festive season requirement, and the Italian-style Oreo Gelato from Sojourners is guaranteed to bring out your playful inner child. Savor every delicious lick, as you work your way down to the final crunch of a freshly baked sugar cone.

Pete’s-A-Pie’s festive favorite

There’s something about a slice of chef-driven, New Haven style pizza that brings friends together. That may sound cheesy, but cheesy has never tasted this good. So which slice is a slice above when it comes to sharing a festive favorite with friends? Tough choice, but the one that gets the bells ringing and whistles blowing over the festive season is the spicy Red Rocks Pizza loaded with pepperoni, sausage, roasted garlic, caramelized onion and jalapeno peppers!

Smok Barbecue’s festive favorite

It’s celebration time, and mediocre just won’t do! The Brisket Sandwich with house pickles and potato bun is a flavor-packed favorite for obvious reason. Nuanced and bold, this Brisket is melt-in-the-mouth tender and is always a strong pole-position contender during (and after) the festive season.

Sonder Coffee and Tea’s festive favorite

The festive season isn’t just about the party and being on-the-go, it’s also a time of reflection as we look back on our year. What better way to do that than with your fingers wrapped around a soul-warming, soothing craft coffee from Sonder. But…which one is a true ode to this feel-good time of year? Turns out it’s the Organic Spiced Sweet Potato Pie Latte that broadens even the broadest smile. 

Lazo Empanadas’s festive favorite

Here’s the thing…eating traditional Argentinian pockets of perfection stuffed with mouth-watering, farm-fresh fillings nestled in flaky dough, makes every day feel-good and festive. Not only are they always delicious, they are always fun to eat too! Lazo creates Empanada Fanatics after just one bite! So, which is the fanatics festive favorite? It’s the 10-piece appetizer…because that way, you and your friends get to devour them all!

Mr. Miner’s Meat and Cheese’s festive favorite

It’s the festive season, which means it’s wine-o-clock around the clock! The Mr. Miner’s Charcuterie & Cheese boards served with accoutrement are THE ideal accompaniment to your festive season wine sipping evenings with friends and family. Beautifully cured meats and fine cheeses are easy to snack on while you chatter about just how quickly this year has flown by!

Junction Bar’s festive favorite CONJUNCTION JUNCTION

Coming together for cocktails and talking about feel-good things is the perfect mix for happiness. And here’s a mix that will take that festive happiness to a whole other level… Evan William Bonded, Old Forest Rye, Solerno and Carpano Antica come together to bring you the signature Conjunction Junction cocktail. Cheers, Junction fam! Thank you for all you bring to our Junction world.

Wishing you much fun and laughter over the festive season. We can’t control the world around us, but we can control what food we order…and clearly, Junction is where the festive favorites are at! Enjoy!