Meet Pete’s-A-Pie legend, Denver top chef Alicia Wilkinson

July 7, 2021

At Junction Food Hall, we have the recipe that brings a lot to the table. First and foremost, Junction makes decisions based on community, warmth and inclusiveness, from there all else flows. It’s a place where we come together for feel-good times whether it be food, drinks, exciting promotions or innovative entertainment like our ‘coffee and cars’ event. Our just launched YUMMERTIME happenings that will be taking place all summer long, invite and excite our community to come together and share in deep belly laughter and great atmosphere.

All that said, it’s our chefs that are the true Junction Food Hall magnets. Their world-class talents and fetching food aromas, draw people back for more. This month Pete’s-A-Pie of Denver top chef, Alicia Wilkinson, shares 5 morsels of interesting info about herself…

  1. My love of all things related to cooking began in elementary school when I had time after school to help get dinner prepped before my parents got home from work. This felt like a grown up responsibility at the time which I thought was pretty cool. I also took kitchen jobs as a young teenager at summer camp where I learned, from an Army drill Sargent, how to wash dishes properly and keep a spotless kitchen.
  2. My career highlights have happened while catering in Washington DC. Throughout my 25 year career I have made meals for every President, members of Congress and the Senate, Queens and diplomats from around the world. It was the most exciting job and I loved every minute of it.
  3. We are a hockey family so at this point we still love our Caps but we follow the Avalanche now, too.
  4. My guilty indulgence junk food has gotta be chicken nuggets….. not the spongy kind……the real fried chunky chicken breast kind 😉
  5. My hidden talent is my ability to wiggle my ears. 

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These are the real people with big hearts behind the magic that is Junction. Have a wonderful week, Junction Family.