Getting to know Sonder

September 21, 2021

SONDER shared a little more about themselves (over a cup of delicious coffee, of course).

The word “sonder” is from a creative dictionary and is a noun describing “the realization that each random passerby has a life just as vivid and complex as your own.” Their butterfly tree logo is shortly explained as “a story rooted, timely growing, a story fragile, ever changing…” and as a coffee shop, SONDER is a place where lives simply meet, unravel, and intertwine over something seemingly simple: a cup of coffee.

SONDER feels like a home away from home, and there’s little wonder as to why when you learn the endearing history of this coffee and tea bar. An interaction at SONDER always guarantees you’ll leave feeling more ‘full of beans’ (ahem) than when you arrived.

SONDER is independently owned and was started by three friends who wished to serve the community while doing something they love. They roast their own coffee locally, source high-quality coffee from smallholder farms and brew it with love and care. All the flavors are made in-house from pure ingredients and feature a speciality menu of fun and creative coffee and tea drinks when in season.

Where did your love of coffee come from? Does a specific memory stand out?
Meeting at coffee shops with friends in the city to hang out and play games, study, often times on an outdoor patio in the summertime. Shops were always a place “in the middle,” connecting our worlds to get out and spend time with others.

What is your career highlight?
Visiting Origin— seeing the farms and producers where we get our coffee beans in Guatemala and Costa Rica.

What is your favorite coffee item and your worst?
Cappuccinos for a classic drink, iced americano’s when traveling, or something unique off a signature menu. Least favorite coffee would probably be a darkly roasted drip coffee.

What is your favorite coffee to brew at home?
Iced pour-overs! My favorite recipe is adding 24g of coffee to a v60 over 100g of ice, and brewing with 210g water. Pour the brew over a glass of fresh ice.

What is your favorite thing to do when not at work?
Explore the Colorado mountains or spend time with friends & family

What one word would you use to describe Junction Food and Drink?

When eating at Junction, which meals do you pick and why?
There’s a favorite at every place! I recommend the Hot Chicken Sandwich from Cleaver; the Kimchi Ramen from Ebisu; the Chicken Quesadilla from Big Wave; the Chicken Gyro or bowl from Shawarma Shack, the Red Rocks from Pete’s-A-Pie, the Soppresatta or Turkey Avocado sandwich from Miners, any fruity flavor gelato from Sojourners, the Espresso martini from the bar (or ask the bartender their current fav), the loaded nachos from Smok, and the Steak Quesadilla Empanada from Lazos.

Describe your ideal date night.
Taking a spontaneous trip to a city like LA or Seattle, or even a gorgeous drive to a winery in Grand Junction or a Hot Springs in a mountain town like Ouray is always fun.

What do you enjoy about patio dining?
There’s room for big groups, laughter, food and drink, and lots of sunshine.

Do you have a hidden talent?
Not every latte gets a swan as latte art, but that can definitely happen.

Look out for SONDER’S next seasonal menu – the STAY COZY fall & winter menu, launching this OCT 2021 featuring Fall favorite lattes: Sweater Weather (a spiced-maple latte), Fireside Eve (a butterscotch-whiskey latte), and Auburn Harvest (a sweet-potato pie latte).